C2C Festival meets Arca in Ibiza

What is a music festival today? The pandemic and the uncertain times that followed it have redefined the concept of community and performance. On September 27, 2021, the C2C Festival and the Fondazione Marcelo Burlon broadcast an innovative artistic and musical project. Its name is Primera Edición Festival, it was curated by Arca, the Venezuelan artist, musician and performer, and Weirdcore, the London-based digital AV mastermind and long-term Aphex Twin visual collaborator. The festival consists of the recording of a 4-hour musical experience that took place a few days earlier in the private residence of Marcelo Burlon in Ibiza, with 40 participants. Each of them, at the entrance, was given a body camera with which they filmed the festival. Alongside the set by Arca, there were guest performances from Physical Therapy and Total Freedom, which reflect an investigation into avantgarde and new pop pursued by the C2C Festival.

All the proceeds from name-your-price tickets were donated to Casa Marcella, a temporary shelter located in Tuscany, Italy, for trans and non-binary people who are victims of discrimination and violence.



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