We support cultural, artistic and community initiatives. Through these, we aim to promote integration and civil rights; to improve the quality of life for people in difficult conditions, to protect ecosystems in danger. This is what we do. These are the goals that here, at Fondazione Marcelo Burlon, we strive to achieve. Many, in fact, are the initiatives that the foundation creates or supports. Among these, the publication of books, the organization of concerts, events and meetings, the curatorship of artistic activities. The foundation may also enter into agreements with public authorities or private individuals. There are no boundaries or borders for the initiatives to support: already in the first months of life, the projects in which we were involved ranged from Milan to Miami, from Patagonia to Tanzania. This international vision is undoubtedly one of the pillars of the Fondazione Marcelo Burlon.



Fondazione Marcelo Burlon is a private law foundation set up by Marcelo Burlon in 2021. It is a non-profit foundation, and pursues exclusively cultural, charitable, and social objectives. If you are an Italian resident you can support our initiatives by donating your 5x1000. All you need is your signature and the tax code of Fondazione Marcelo Burlon in your income tax return. CF. 97902810155


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