Art is motion

Can a night club turn into an art space?

Look At Me's objective remains consistent, yet simple and ambitious, even in the second installment of its curatorial journey: to foster a dialogue between nightlife and artistic performance. This series of three exhibitions takes place at Plastic, a historic venue in Milan's clubbing scene, with the support of the Fondazione Marcelo Burlon. On May 12th, the second chapter, curated by Sara van Bussel and artistically directed by Manuela Nobile, came to life.

The focus of the exhibition, which previously centered around erotic-aesthetic pleasure in the first chapter, now shifts to the moving body. Within the nightclub premises, two performances took place, characterized by the repetition of gestures and sequences that gradually intensified and accelerated, creating a crescendo of both control and abandonment. After all, the body is a central element for all club-goers, who thus actively and passively experienced the energy triggered by the artistic act.

Photo Dalia Slimani



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