The 2023 edition of “Tranceparenti” in Milan, between music and photography

When a festival continues to confirm its success and grows in size and ambition year after year, it means that it has successfully established deep roots in the community of a city. This is precisely what “Tranceparenti”, the site-specific music and cultural event that was born together with the Bagni Misteriosi, has accomplished. Threes Production, in collaboration with the Teatro Franco Parenti, has always organized this event, which has this year been enriched by the support of Fondazione Marcelo Burlon.

“Tranceparenti” is an artistic project that explores various languages, and the 2023 edition started on Wednesday, May 10th at 6 pm with the installation "Larger Than Life" by the photographer Alessandro Merlo, in the scenic Mosaico Room. In the Testori Room, the author Greta La Medica presented the festival and the vision of the Fondazione, and shortly thereafter, the photographic project by Masseria Wave, issue 0 of Wave Zine, was presented.

From 8 pm onwards, the floating platform, with its rich musical menu, finally came to life. The Spanish non-binary trans artist Bella Báguena opened the dance, followed by the multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer Eartheater, together with the LEYA duo, capable of combining medieval melodies and modern folk. The legendary DJ Marcelle closed the event, colliding the most diverse genres in her famous three-turntable setup.



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