The birth of WATOTO swimming school, in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Living on an island doesn't necessarily mean having a good relationship with the sea: in Zanzibar, Tanzania, many of the people living in Pingwe and Kae villages cannot swim. They have not had the opportunity to learn, yet today there are many who work as fishermen.

For most women and girls, however, it is practically impossible to afford the necessary burkini, for economic reasons. WATOTO is a swimming school founded by Roberto Ortu, Alice Firman and The Rock for Community, and it came to life thanks to the support of the Fondazione Marcelo Burlon.

The project started in June 2021, and provides the services of four instructors. In addition to this, all the children are equipped with a set of goggles, floaties and waterproof bags, and obviously swimsuits and burkinis made with recycled materials.

A girl in her burkini during the first swimming competition held by watoto school
A boy smiling in the water, during the first swimming competition held by watoto school
The swim instructor teaching moves to the kids during class


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